CiberMed is a stealth biotechnology company started by industry veterans and Stanford University professors.

Our mission is to be the industry leader in the discovery and measurement of biomarkers using our patented technology which uses novel in silico cell sorting to determine cell proportions and gene expression.


Biomarker Discovery

CiberMed applies a variety of data science techniques including machine learning that lead to biomarker discovery. The CiberMed data science team develops biomarker models using immune cell data quantified by iSort™


iSort™ is a digital cytometry. It quantifies immune cell subsets in silico using gene expression data. The core technology is based on CIBERSORT and CIBERSORTx platforms, that were originally developed at Stanford University, and licensed to CiberMed.

Advantages of iSort

iSort™ digital cytometry provides highly accurate and robust cell subset enumeration from clinical biospecimens.

  • Cost-effective and high-throughput

  • Highly reproducible

  • Unaffected by tissue dissociation

  • Applicable to fresh, frozen, and fixed tissues

  • Applicable to pre-existing gene expression data

Products and Services


Map & Quant

iSort Fractions

Quantifies immune cells

iSort Hires

Infers cell-type-specific gene expression

Create custom signature matrix Biomarker discovery

Post data analysis

Run iSort
  • Collaboration    User to select the type(s) of services. Consultations included.
  • Run iSort          User to download and run iSort module(s)

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Our team consists of talented and experienced bioinformatics / data scientists from industry and academia (Stanford Medicine).


About iSortTechnology

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Molecular and immunological signatures are related to clinical benefit from treatment with Vocimagene amiretrorepvec (Toca 511) and 5-fluorocytosine (Toca FC) in patients with glioma
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iSort™ is based on CIBERSORTx technology. Explore more applications.


Meet Our Team

Ashok Krishnamurthi

Ashok Krishnamurthi
CEO and Founder

Ash Alizadeh

Ash Alizadeh

Maximillian Diehn

Max Diehn

Aaron Newman

Aaron Newman

Aki Nakao

Aki Nakao
Sr. Director, Bioinformatics and Operations